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Reflective Media Inc.

Business Type: Marketing and Advertising, Packaging, Shipping etc.
Business Address:
40-1110 Finch Ave.
Toronto, ON
(416) 398-7910
Business Information:
Over twenty years of Graphic Design Services, working with a wide range of industries from food to cosmetics companies. Specializing in Government compliant food labeling. Brand exploration and establishing branding standards, and logo design.
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Fernanda Ferreira
Senior Design, Owner
40-1110 Finch Ave.
Toronto, ON
Tel: (416) 398-7910
Email: fernanda@reflective-media...

Fernanda Ferreira
Senior Designer
Tel: (416) 398-7910
Email: fernanda@reflective-media...

I can offer the following services

  • Advertising, marketing, or promotions

I am looking for the following services

  • None indicated

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Help your clients establish branding and labeling standards for their packaging needs. Design services include layout, art direction, hiring photographer and food stylist and doing photoshoots for food photography.

Our Mission is an online network and marketing service designed to help Ontario businesses buy and sell more local food.

We aim to connect the food value chain and get more local food on Ontario plates.

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