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Perth Pork Products Ltd

Business Type: Distributor, Seller, Wholesale
Business Address:
4538 Line 38
Sebringville, ON N0K 1X0
(519) 393-6846
(519) 274-4725
(519) 393-5096
Business Information:
We raise and sell Berkshire, Tamworth, Tamshire, Wild Boar, Iron Age and Stone Age pork. Whole or half carcasses and cuts.
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Fred De Martines
4538 Line 38
Sebringville, ON N0K1X0
Tel: (519) 393-6846
Cell: (519) 274-4725
Fax: (519) 393-5096

We Sell:

  • Medium Volumes

We sell the following products:


  • Bacon
    • Smoked Bacon
    • Pancetta Bacon
    • Peameal Bacon
  • Pork
  • Wild Boar

Selling contacts

Fred De Martines
P: (519) 393-6846
M: (519) 274-4725
F: (519) 393-5096

Business practice classification

  • Natural Focus

Food safety & traceability

I am accredited

  • Provincially Inspected

Preferred method of payment

  • Cash on Delivery

Do we offer delivery?

  • Yes

Do we have third party liability insurance?

  • No

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