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Ontario Institute of Agrologists

Business Type: Agricultural Association
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100 Stone Road W. Suite 108
Guelph, ON N1G 5L3
(519) 826-4226
(519) 826-4228
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Agrology practice in Canada is a profession of accredited practitioners empowered by provincial legislation and is self-governed (independent of direct government involvement). In most Canadian provinces, Agrology practice is a fully regulated compulsory profession, similar to accountants, geoscientists, engineers, foresters and veterinarians. Through Bill Pr15, An Act Respecting the Ontario Institute of Professional Agrologists, 2013, the Province of Ontario delegated some of its authority to regulate in the practice of Agrology to the Ontario Institute of Agrologists. However, in Ontario, the Agrology profession is regulated at the registration and accreditation levels and is not compulsory. Those wishing to practice elsewhere in Canada may require their professional Agrology accreditation/licensure. An accredited OIA practitioner has been assessed as possessing recognized education through completion of appropriate academic curriculum to practice in their area of specialty, and have proved they know how to apply their professional knowledge. Further, accredited Agrologists are required to engage in documented continuous professional development (on-going learning) and follow national standards of practice excellence. OIA registered practitioners are proven professionals and serve in the areas of agriculture (plant, animal and soil science), bio-resources, food, agri-business and the environment. The role of the Ontario Institute of Agrologists is to ensure registered Professional Agrologists (P.Ag.), Technical Agrologists (T.Ag.), as well as those Articling Agrologists in training (A.Ag.), are qualified, competent, and engage in continuous professional development and on-going learning in order to meet national competency standards. Achieving national standards of qualification assurance ensures federal labour mobility requirements are achieved.
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Terry Kingsmill, P.Ag.
Registrar/Executive Director
100 Stone Road W. Suite 108
Guelph, ON N1G5L3
Tel: (519) 826-4226
Fax: (519) 826-4228

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