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Lake Erie Farms Inc.

Business Type: Greenhouse, Grower/Producer, Seller
Business Address:
2373 Hazen Rd
Courtland, ON N0J 1E0
(519) 875-2485
(519) 688-4718
(519) 875-4818
Business Information:
We have been in the greenhouse business for more than a decade growing seedless English cucumbers. We have expanded our business and have developed a new unique baby spring mix leaf product. It is a consistent, very high quality product that is quite succulent in nature due to the stable greenhouse environment it grows in. We grow our leaf products in a pesticide free atmosphere, follow strict food safety protocols, and practice several environmental practices to reduce our environmental footprint. Call us today to discuss how we can meet your needs!
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Trish Fournier
General Manager
2373 Hazen Rd
Courtland, ON N0J1E0
Tel: (519) 875-2485
Cell: (519) 688-4718
Fax: (519) 875-4818

We Sell:

  • Medium Volumes
  • Large Volumes

We sell the following products:


  • Cucumber
    • Greenhouse Cucumber
  • Lettuce
    • Other Lettuce

Selling contacts

Trish Fournier
General Manager
P: (519) 875-2485
M: (519) 688-4718
F: (519) 875-4818

Business practice classification

  • Natural Focus

Food safety & traceability

I am accredited

    Preferred method of payment

    • Cash on Delivery
    • Credit/Debit
    • Purchase Order/Invoice

    Do we offer delivery?

    • Negotiable

    Do we have third party liability insurance?

    • No

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