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Business Type: Packaging, Shipping etc., Seller
Business Address:
Suite PH 5
253 Southpark Road
Thornhill, ON
(416) 830-0081
(416) 830-0081
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At GRNGLOBE we strive to serve our communities and businesses by helping them partake in global efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and save on natural resources. GRNGLOBE offers a wide range of customizable fiber blend disposable paper products and packaging solutions made from raw straw materials that are quickly renewable, biodegradable and contain no tree by-products. We want to partner with you in becoming environmental leaders within our community. By simply switching to GRNGLOBE straw and sugarcane paper products and customizable packaging solutions for all your operational needs!
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Andrew Chan
Vice President
Suite PH 5
253 Southpark Road
Thornhill, ON
Tel: (416) 830-0081
Cell: (416) 830-0081

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We want to make custom products out of our sturdy environmental fiber material for any packaging solution.

Our Mission is an online network and marketing service designed to help Ontario businesses buy and sell more local food.

We aim to connect the food value chain and get more local food on Ontario plates.

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