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Gibbons Family Farm

Business Type: Grower/Producer, Seller
Business Address:
41 Leacock Road
Frankville, ON K0E 1H0
(613) 275-2893
Business Information:
At Gibbons Family Farm we produce quality maple syrup using a mix of traditional methods and modern equipment. loading fireboxWe have 4500 taps spread over 100 acres of maple bush. Approximately 44 kilometers of pipeline is strung throughout our maple bush to collect the sap. We use a tractor pulling a trailer with a 3000 litre tank to bring the sap from storage tanks in the maple bush to our maple sugar house.
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Gibbons Bill
41 Leacock Road
Frankville, ON K0E1H0
Tel: (613) 275-2893

We Sell:

  • Medium Volumes

We sell the following products:

Prepared Food & Condiments

  • Maple Products
    • Maple Syrup
    • Maple Sugar
    • Maple Other

Selling contacts

Gibbons Bill
P: (613) 275-2893

Business practice classification

  • Conventional

Food safety & traceability

I am accredited

  • Federally Inspected

Do we offer delivery?

  • No

Do we have third party liability insurance?

  • No

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